Rediscovering America

This short TV sizzle shares the stories of 5 James Beard Nominated Chefs from around the Southeast of the United States and their relationship with the food they use in their restaurants.  Sam was brought on to direct this piece by Factory Made, in collaboration with Boardwalk Pictures. Cinematography by William Carnahan, Editing by Misha Scott. 

Jason Mayden

Sam collaborated with Stanford's Graduate School of Business to share designer and entrepreneur Jason Mayden's story.  Jason believes that design is a lifestyle, not a vocation, one that expresses values that inform every aspect of his experience. It begins with the humility to listen, to study, and to learn.

Windy Chien

Sam and Windy were office neighbors during his short stint in San Francisco.  After helping Windy with a short video to help launch her new book, Year of Knots, they decided to collaborate on a short documentary about Windy and her work.  Directed, shot and edited by Sam. 

If Not Now, When

In the midst of a global pandemic, Sam collaborated with Lotus Compass to create this inquisitive video around mindfulness and to capture the beauty of Big Sur, California.  Directed, shot and edited by Sam. 

Major Lazer: Cold Water Tour Music Video

Over his three plus years touring with Major Lazer, Sam not only documented the bands travels but also created most of their social media videos along with several music videos.  This is one of his favorites, a mixture of the shows and life on the road.  Directed, shot and edited by Sam. 

Gravity Water Vietnam

Gravity Water is a non-profit out of Santa Cruz, California that helps communities around the world build energy-free, gravity-fed clean water systems for their schools.  Sam teamed up with them to share stories from a few of these builds in Vietnam, Nepal and Indonesia. Directed and shot by Sam, Editing by Misha Scott. 

Floating Doctors: Emergency Evacuation

After about 6 months in Panama, on the team's first clinical deployment to the remote Ngabe community of Rio Cana, an indigenous woman giving birth at home started to bleed heavily after the delivery. The local partera (midwife) sent a runner to our clinic location to ask for help.  Directed and shot by Sam, Editing by Dark Burn Creative. 

Know No Better (Lyric Video)

This was a fun one!  Organizing shoots around the world, Sam sourced footage from over 20 countries.  While not a traditional lyrics video, neither is much of what Major Lazer does.  Directed and Edited by Sam.  

Limitless Horizon Ixil: New School

Limitless Horizon Ixil is a non-profit that directly focuses its work supporting the Ixil community in Chajul, Guatemala.  Sam and his business partner Will had the opportunity to visit the community and create this video to support the non-profits efforts in building a new school.

Bittersweet Summer

Summer tours with Diplo.  No one does it quite like him, traveling the globe non-stop, playing everywhere from night clubs to major festivals.  Sam was constantly pushed creatively to try different things with these edits and this was by far his favorite. Directed, Shot and Edited by Sam.